1. H

    Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro+ [No network 5g when updated to] (SKKMIXM)

    Hi, My phone refer to the Title have problem with network when updated to version from The problem doesn't have 5G icon when I change to LTE, the network is ok on LTE. But, when changing back to 5G network, the problem still same. My network in my country support 5G network...
  2. JohnntB95

    Monitoring the temperature and humidity with sensors and Mi Monitors 2

    I have the following sensors: 5 x Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 I use these inside the house. 2 x Temperature and Humidity Sensor (I think this is from Aqara) I bought the Aqara M2 hub with the hope I can connect everything to it. It seems to support only the Temperature...
  3. D

    Mi Water Purifier - Sensor unit

    I have the Mi Water Purifier (https://xiaomi-mi.com/news-and-actions/xiaomi-introduced-mi-water-purifier/) and the sensor unit does not work properly. Sometimes it does not flash or you cannot change from one mode to another (water from the faucet / purified water). Does anyone have any advice...
  4. J

    New Mi 8 LITE Snapchat Not Working Stable

    Hello, I'm Burak. I'm a Mi 8 LITE user, snapchat stays on splash screen, yellow logo appears, nothing happens. I reset the data from the settings, then I use it normally for a while. Sometimes, while watching snap, it closes as soon as I open it and I have to reset it again. Sometimes the phone...
  5. A

    Bricked Redmi Note 8 Pro

    I tried to root my phone and added magisk zip and apk in the internal storage, then rebooted but TWRP didn't showed up like in the tutorials. I could enter fastboot and could actually open the phone before I flash twrp by one click something. Then it turned into a bootloop. But I could enter the...
  6. M

    Please help! - Failure upgrading to MIUI 13 from MIUI 12 - Xiaomi 11

    Hello community! I have been trying to update my Xiaomi 11 from MIUI 12 (21.8.26 Beta) to the latest MIUI 13 (22.2.23 Beta). I follow the instructions as stated below: - Download our ROM zip file - Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC - Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down +...
  7. Z

    Xiaomi EC2 Record

    Hi there I just buy 4 Xiaomi EC2 cameras and hub Everything work ok. But I have question about recording. These cameras only record when motion is noticed, and only few seconds, 10-15-20seconds. I wonder is there any way to record 24/7, through mi app. Or on some other way, through some site or...
  8. 2

    Xiaomi Mi 11T conectivity issue with Android Auto

    Hi all. Please help. I recently bought a new phone, an Mi 11T, then, when i try to connect to Android Auto it works, but it deconnects automatically after 1 or 2 minutes. This "game" with auto connecting and deconnecting is happening till i stop it. It` doesn`t matter the method of conectivity...
  9. D

    New Display - Fingerprint calibration issue

    Hi, I broke the screen of my beloved Mi 10 Ultra, bought a new one from china, waited a couple of weeks, got the new display, gave it to a local repair shop to change it. Got the phone back. I knew that the under-display fingerprint sensor must be calibrated, so I went to Settings - My Device...
  10. Mingui Bern

    Does Emui 12 work on Xiaomi Mi Play?

    hello everyone i'm the new recruit in the community and i have a question i have a xeaomi device your model is Mi play so i would like to know if it is possible to upgrade to emui 12
  11. Z

    Invalid Redmi Note 9 Pro ( Joyeuse ) scanner application not working

    Hello, i have a problem on xiaomi.eu. i tried to open scanner app but it is no working. MIUI Redmi Note 9 Pro ( JOYEUSE ) Please help me...
  12. M

    Update with TWRP

    Hello. Last week I installed for the first time the weekly beta TWRP for my Mi 11 (21.6.16), now I want to update to the new weekly ROM. How is this done with TWRP? Do I need a computer for this process? Thanks.
  13. S

    is my phone normal?

    my phone is bent, my phone is broken, the motherboard is bent, but the phone still works. it's normal? great work xiaomi, i will buy xiaomi forever, do not change.
  14. M

    New method to install for the first time TWRP for Mi 11?

    Hello. Is there a new or easier method for installing TWRP specifically for Mi 11 (Venus)? Because I think this method is old: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/guide-install-twrp-for-mi-11-pro-ultra.61239/ Thank you for your help!
  15. M

    Help with TWRP installation for Mi 11

    Hello. I would like to get some help for installing the latest TWRP for Mi 11, since I do not really understand what the process is like and I do not want to negatively affect my device. So, could someone help me please with this process? Thanks.
  16. D

    Change double tap speed of Navigation's bar button "Overview/Recents"

    Hi guys! So, pressing to times Overview button (usually the square one) on navigation bar while you are on an app, switches to the previously used app. I've recently switched from xiaomi global to xiaomi.eu and I've noticed that the speed at which two taps on home button is recognized as...
  17. D

    [Poco F2 Pro] A few questions about flashing

    Hello, So i got a lot of bugs on stock miui Poco F2 pro and read that Xiaomi.eu would be a good replacement. The last days i have read a lot about flashing roms on xiaomi phones and i still got a few questions about it, so i hope you guys can help me out. Currently im running Stock Miui...
  18. M

    Android 12 BETA for Xiaomi Mi 11 Family

    Hello. Since the Beta version for Android 12 is still available for some Xiaomi devices. Would anyone know if it is possible to install it on a Mi 11 with the weekly EU ROM? Thanks. Android 12 BETA for MI 11 Family
  19. Khoug

    [Question] Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

    Hello, I'm new here, a pleasure to greet you, I am really surprised by the great community that they have achieved, in addition to this, give my congratulations in advance for such a beautiful job. After all this, as I had previously mentioned, I am new to the forum, I would like to know which...
  20. M

    Mi11 heating issue

    I know this is not an unknown problem about Mi11, but when trying to play video games on my device, 10 minutes are enough for my hands to start burning and the device to get so slow and numb. I am thinking of resetting the device to factory mode to try to solve this problem, but I don't know if...