1. SirPheles

    Mtk Battery Performance

    Howdy. So I've been fan of the Redmi series for more than a year now. My first buy was a Redmi Note 4 16 GB with 2 GB RAM. Back then I had no idea that the majority of these phones comes with either Mediatek or Qualcomm processors. After a year of advanced, root and Xposed use I bought it's big...
  2. D

    Do You Encrypt Your Phone?

    Why yes or why not?
  3. M

    Are You Satisified With The Mi 5s's Audio Quality?

    I'm personally not satisified listening music with this phone as much as listening with my PC, which has only onboard sound chip but it gives the power of my Hybrid Pro HD. But I think Mi 5S has something like loudness equalization and more different bad effects. There is some songs that you can...
  4. hj9_yt

    Redmi Note 4 Mtk Battery Drainage Problem

    Do you want Xiaomi to fix the Redmi Note 4 MTK battery drainage problem
  5. P

    New Camera Focus

    Hi guys, I´ve had my xiaomi mi6 for 3 months now, and after cca 1 month my camere started having difficulties focusing. It progressed over time so that now my back camera is basically useless, cause all the pictures are blurry. The only difference is when I use portrait mode/ or when I try to...
  6. Adeolu

    How To Take Scrolling Screenshots

    Please check this article on how to take scrolling screenshots on your Xiaomi smartphone easily:- http://mymidiary.blogspot.com/2017/09/taking-mi-scrolling-screenshots.html Have fun!!!
  7. D

    Door Sensor: Is Water Proof?

    Hi, i want to use the Door Sensor for the external side of the Window. Let me say that will be not 100% exposed to the water / rain because i will put it in the top-part, but for sure some rain yes. Somebody knows if is safe to use in outdoor scenario? D.
  8. A

    Copying Twrp Backup To My Computer

    Hi, i just want to ask if you cant copy your TWRP Backup from your phone to your computer? I am facing this problem i want to free up the space of my Mi5. I dont know why i cant copy/transfer twrp backup. can someone now how to fix this? pls need help. thanks! here's the error...
  9. G

    Does Xiaomi Eu Rom Receive Ota Updates ??

    Does xiaomi eu rom receive ota updates ???
  10. S

    Xiaomi Mi5 Wifi Failure

    Hello, yesterday i recieved my new xiaomi mi5 and everything was working. a couple hours later i couldnt turn the wifi on i restarted the device, turned flight mode on/off, and even did a hard reset. Nothing worked out to solve the problem. now my question: is anyone having the same issue or did...
  11. K

    Miui 9 For Mi 5

    When the MIUI 9 will be released for Xiaomi MI5 here? Thanks in advance.
  12. J

    Xiaomi Router 3 Not Able To Set Up

    Hi, So I just bought the Xiaomi Router 3, it arrived, and I tried to set it up as people descibe online. I tried both with the app and my computer, and the results are the same. It is the English firmware version, but regardless whether I use one method or the other i get a "Gateway 502 nginx"...
  13. kanem0chi

    The Successor Of The Xiaofang: The Mijia 1080p Smart Ip Camera

    Hi Guys, Many of you had some troubles with the Xiaofang in terms of location, settings, RTSP set-up, NAS and more. Recently Xiaomi introduced a new IP camera, some sort of mix between the Xiaofang 1080p IP camera and the Xiaoyi Ants 1080p IP camera. The new Mijia 1080p Camera is a mixture of...
  14. V

    Getting Error Along With Redirection To Api.miwifi.com For Some Sites?

    For example: I tried getting some of the manuals from xiaomi-mi.com/home/user-manuals/. While most of the links works fine, some of them redirect to api.miwifi.com & throw an error. Then I've to get the original URL & keep trying by pasting that URL directly again & after 3-5 tries the...
  15. P

    Where To Buy Xiaomi Phones?

    I'm posting this cause I haven't found any FAQ page, and if it exists it's probably not very visible... Basically I wanted to know what are the options. Which shops are the most trusted/cheap/reliable?
  16. S

    Redmi Note 4 Global - Slow Nand

    Hi. I just buy Redmi Note 4 Global 4/64GB (SD625), and while doing some performance tests I noticed that my phone is getting a decent performance in random write speed: about 7.5 MB/s (Androbench) - even my girlfriend in her low level Redmi 4A get over 8MB/s Before buying this phone I read some...
  17. D

    New Redmi 4 Cannot Enter Into Twrp, Keep Booting

    Hi, after flash latest twrp ( for Redmi 4 (prada) i cant enter into because it keeps bootlooping. i hadnt problem like that with twrp found on miui.com but i couldnt flash rom, downloaded from here and china dev from official miui. I have China dev rom 7.5.4 flashed by miflash
  18. pi4a7a

    Xiaomi Best Budget Earphones/buds

    I prepaired like 10-12 euro for xiaomi earphone/buds and I stopped on Piston 3 Fresh Youth, can you tell me which are the best for that money?
  19. N

    Xiaomi.eu Appears As Not Secure (solved)

    I can't enter to the webportal xiaomi.eu since a week ago with Chrome. It appears as NOT secure web. Someone else has this problem? With the Xiaomi Internal webbrowser i don't have this issue.
  20. Gerry003

    First Steps With A Ih Rice Cooker Outside China

    Safety first - Plug&Play with no compromise! Do you trust those chinese adapters (missing approvals & EU conformity) for the mains supply? I do not put them to the proof! So cut the original chinese plug and renew it by an approved (!) european SCHUKO plug (230V/50Hz/16A). The setup...