1.7.8 MMS Time Sent Off


Jun 23, 2011
I'm getting a bug where my text messages are having the wrong timestamps. Which is causing problems to the ordering of conversations in the MMS app.

When I "View message details" of an individual text message, the "Sent:" header is 4 hours behind the "Received:" header. The Received header is fine. The Sent header however is 4 hours behind the current time. Even if the text message was sent just a minute ago.

I am running 1.7.8 on my SGS I9000m (same as I9000), on the Rogers network.

Anyone else getting this bug with the MMS app?

Edit: I've tried running the "SMS Time Fix" app, but that app only changes the "Received" header of text messages, so is useless in this case.
Just updated to 1.7.15. Still getting the same results. No one has this issue? Really?