1.9.16 to 1.10.8 market update notifications


Oct 1, 2011
Hi. It's my first post here, greetings from Poland.
I found one problem (I hope that not only I have it).
When on notification bar comes information about some apps updates found, I click on it, market opens but I must to accept therms and conditions and my apps tab is empty... I can close it open again, but nothing. When I clear data and cache market everything is fine (I see my apps, ok can update them, to next time when I click updates on notification bar...
Anyone have the same issue or only I have it?
I make clean install 1.9.16, then update to 23 and yesterday to 30...

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In 1.10.8 is the same situation, but I know what happens. I have two gmail accounts and in market I use one of them. But when I click on update notification market log me to second account (it's empty). When In market options I choose my primary account everything is fine...
But question is why it log me to second account...

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