(12.1.2) Paying with Google Pay not working?


Jul 29, 2021
Hello. Recently, i switched from MIUI 9.8.1 to MIUI version mentioned above and i noticed i can't pay with Google Pay. So i installed NFC Tools and tried if NFC even working anywhere. It didn't. So i headed to settings and saw something like "Refresh NFC settings" which was added to ROM for users who have issues with NFC. I clicked on it, and it definitely refreshed someting. It required to reboot and after i booted into system, it worked in NFC Tools. It readed properly all cards i placed on back of the phone (after like 2 seconds and not every time it was successfull). But i tried to pay with Google pay and it didn't worked at all. I even tried to readd the card if that would help but without luck.

The reason why i'm here is to ask if this behaviour did to someone and how did he fix it?

PS: My Xiaomi Mi 9T is rooted with Magisk, applied Magisk hide and LSPosed installed also.

I'm passing safety net of course
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