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  1. S

    Mi 11 Ultra Google pay not working due to security reasons

    Could not find the answer after googling two day. So starting conversation from the scratch Last week arrived Mi 11 Ultra MIUI Global 13.0.2 android 12 from ***********. Google pay / google wallet is not working because of security issue with the device. Corporate teams says "phone is...
  2. M

    Mi 11 ultra or Xiaomi 12s ultra

    Is it worth buying the Mi 11 ultra Chinese version to install ROM to use in the UK as I've seen some sites selling it for decent prices and below the £1k mark. Or get the 12s ultra if it's below the £1k mark as I don't want to spend that much on a phone. However I'd want banking...
  3. N

    New [MIX 4] [21.12.29] Google Pay "Phone doesn't meet security requirements"

    The phone is not rooted and has previously been completely wiped and set-up again (~3mo). SafetyNet fully passes with a CTS profile match. Today Google Pay stopped working, giving me the error message "Phone doesn't meet security requirements". I have no idea why, here's 2 screenshots I hope...
  4. O

    Invalid google pay only show 3 countries in list

    device: Xiaomi 10 pro miui version: 12.5.10 stable google pay version: 142.12.5 I'm in Australia. But the google play doesn't show Australia. This problem has appeared for at least half a year. I don't know if it's miui bug or google pay bug.
  5. L

    Questions about TWRP, Magisk and SafetyNet

    Hello everyone ! I just have a few questions : What is TWRP ? Why do I need to install it on my phone before flashing EU ROM ? How do I install it ? Do I need Magisk and SafetyNet to get google pay and Netflix working ? To make it simple, I need to able to use google pay and apps such as...
  6. P

    (12.1.2) Paying with Google Pay not working?

    Hello. Recently, i switched from MIUI 9.8.1 to MIUI version mentioned above and i noticed i can't pay with Google Pay. So i installed NFC Tools and tried if NFC even working anywhere. It didn't. So i headed to settings and saw something like "Refresh NFC settings" which was added to ROM for...
  7. J

    Google Pay NFC again...

    Dear all, I've flashed the latest ROM (12.0.2. stable) on my RN8T (willow) and Google Pay refuses to work for NFC. Before that, it was the same story with 11.0.5. The office is not rooted, I have only installed the ROM via TWRP and left the bootloader unlocked. I know, the topic has...
  8. R

    [TUTORIAL] Fix SafetyNet issues with Magisk (also CTS profile match)

    I did it a few hours ago on my Mi 10 Ultra. Due to the many questions, I'm publishing here a fixed tutorial, how it worked for me! Please share your results below. ____________ Install Magisk: 1. Download and install Magisk Manager » MagiskManager-v8.0.4.apk Step 2: 3. Reboot your device...
  9. M

    Google pay and safety net

    Hi all, I just flashed the stable MIUI12 Rom on Mi 10 5G. I was hoping to get google pay to work but it turned out the device has failed safety net. btw I have no root installed only TWRP and ironically my banking app works here in the UK. Is there's any work around to get google pay to work?
  10. Zorthos

    Mi 10 Ultra - Google Pay on 20.9.3

    Hi All, Is there a version that Google Pay works on, or a way of making it work? I've had 20.9.3 Flashed for a couple of weeks and no google pay is driving me a bit mad. I get the "this device does not meet our security standards" I have updated all my Certificates and no other errors are...
  11. S

    K20 pro xiaomi eu Google pay

    Hello. I have k20 pro (china).Installed latest xiaomi eu stable. When i open google pay I can add card and I don't get an error. But when I try to pay nothing happens. in the settings, the type of the HCE wallet. Installed Magisk all checks pass. Someone came across a similar and how to solve...
  12. H

    Google Pay with Chinese phone and global ROM

    Apologies in advance as I know this has been discussed at length ... unfortunately I don't completely understand the solutions proposed and there is likely to be a limit to what I can actually do. I bought a Mi 9t Pro secondhand from someone who bought one of the earlier models directly from...
  13. C

    General downsides of on the Mi 9?

    In the next days I'll receive my brand new Mi 9 and I'm not new to flashing and all this custom rom stuff. I researched a lot about our pretty ROM and I have a new questions now about general downsides of flashing this ROM. My demand is a clutterfree ROM which I have to install once and it'll...
  14. lucadelc

    New Cannot use Google Pay

    Hi all, I cannot use Google Pay with the, obviusly the safetynet pass and I used magisk hide. With the stock global (and root) worked. My device: Mi Mix 2s (polaris) version: 9.4.12 beta
  15. O

    Google Pay Issue!

    So I have installed the latest weekly version of .eu ROM in my Xiaomi Mi8. I bought it from China and changed the original rom to this one. I have read that China versions of Mi phones don't work with GPay. SafetyNet Test is passing, and I don't have my phone rooted. Whenever I try to add a...
  16. F

    New MI8 (stable eu) Google pay broken

    It worked fine since last week now it says device can't be used to pay in shops. My phone is not rooted, didn't change any settings. Tried to clear google pay and google play services, it didn't fixed. Tried to remove and re-add my credit card, get the message "Couldn't finish setup to pay in...
  17. Y

    Tapping payment terminal in stores don't trigger Google Pay

    Google Pay was launched in Norway a few days ago, and ofc I had to try it right away. Everything set up without problems, and I added (and confirmed) my card. However; when tapping the payment terminal nothing happened. I know for sure the terminal supports NFC, because I ended up paying by...
  18. I

    How to get Google Pay Working on a Custom ROM - Magisk Manager & Rooting Your Device

    This is a very quick guide on how to get Google Pay working on devices that have a custom ROM installed on them. To do this all you need to do is install Magisk, which will Root Your device. You will need twrp installed, so please check out my other video on how to do so. LINKS...
  19. M

    New Google Pay Policy

    Hi guys, so last days I was looking into using Google Pay on my phone and I found out because I have unlocked bootloader I can't use it. I found out this is quite new feature to the system after rooting. I understand Google trying to protect people by doing this, but since Xiaomi outside of...