google pay

  1. H

    Google Pay with Chinese phone and global ROM

    Apologies in advance as I know this has been discussed at length ... unfortunately I don't completely understand the solutions proposed and there is likely to be a limit to what I can actually do. I bought a Mi 9t Pro secondhand from someone who bought one of the earlier models directly from...
  2. C

    General downsides of on the Mi 9?

    In the next days I'll receive my brand new Mi 9 and I'm not new to flashing and all this custom rom stuff. I researched a lot about our pretty ROM and I have a new questions now about general downsides of flashing this ROM. My demand is a clutterfree ROM which I have to install once and it'll...
  3. lucadelc

    New Cannot use Google Pay

    Hi all, I cannot use Google Pay with the, obviusly the safetynet pass and I used magisk hide. With the stock global (and root) worked. My device: Mi Mix 2s (polaris) version: 9.4.12 beta
  4. O

    Google Pay Issue!

    So I have installed the latest weekly version of .eu ROM in my Xiaomi Mi8. I bought it from China and changed the original rom to this one. I have read that China versions of Mi phones don't work with GPay. SafetyNet Test is passing, and I don't have my phone rooted. Whenever I try to add a...
  5. F

    New MI8 (stable eu) Google pay broken

    It worked fine since last week now it says device can't be used to pay in shops. My phone is not rooted, didn't change any settings. Tried to clear google pay and google play services, it didn't fixed. Tried to remove and re-add my credit card, get the message "Couldn't finish setup to pay in...
  6. Y

    Tapping payment terminal in stores don't trigger Google Pay

    Google Pay was launched in Norway a few days ago, and ofc I had to try it right away. Everything set up without problems, and I added (and confirmed) my card. However; when tapping the payment terminal nothing happened. I know for sure the terminal supports NFC, because I ended up paying by...
  7. I

    How to get Google Pay Working on a Custom ROM - Magisk Manager & Rooting Your Device

    This is a very quick guide on how to get Google Pay working on devices that have a custom ROM installed on them. To do this all you need to do is install Magisk, which will Root Your device. You will need twrp installed, so please check out my other video on how to do so. LINKS...
  8. M

    New Google Pay Policy

    Hi guys, so last days I was looking into using Google Pay on my phone and I found out because I have unlocked bootloader I can't use it. I found out this is quite new feature to the system after rooting. I understand Google trying to protect people by doing this, but since Xiaomi outside of...