Invalid [] Mi 10 Pro All Apps Crashes after Dual Apps activated


May 17, 2011
Hi Guys,

i try it maybe here in Bugs section.i have flashed the latest stable version of MIUI 12 - xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10Pro_V12.1.3.0.RJACNXM_v12-11.

If i activate dual apps for example for whatsapp, then all other apps crashes 2-10 seconds after start.

Crashed Apps:
Standard File Manager of MIUI
All other System Apps
... etc.

How i know it ? I deinstalled the second copy of whatsapp( i just created a dual app for whatsapp) then the problem was not gone.
Then i goto Dual Apps in this 2-10 seconds and deleted over the menu "Delete Dual App Accounts", the phone restarted and everything was ok again.

But i need this dual app function, how can i fix it or can you fix it for the next update ?

Thank you Guys

It's a known issue. ;)

You can't fix it and we hope Xiaomi fix this issue for the next Android 11 "Stable" ROM update.

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I also hope so because it's close to the unusable phone, it's no longer beta but alpha :D