New [2.10.12] [SGS2] Status bar/Monitor/Guard/Touch key light bugs

Apr 17, 2012
I'm using MiUI from for some time now, and everytime I upgrade to a new version I clear cache and dalvik cache first.
When I notice a bug, I always go clear the application cache, I reboot the phone in Recovery and I clear dalvik cache and cache there.

So... I noticed a few bugs in 2.10.12 (ALL these bugs were already present with 2.9.28/2.9.29) but I didn't report them because I was occupied with other things and simply didn't have time for this. :)

  • If I turn on Vibration, sometimes it just turns itself off after some time (sometimes it's few minutes, sometimes it's maybe 30 minutes...)

  • I adjusted the traffic settings: Available 100 MB, warning 80 MB, charge since 20, disable data connection when monthly traffic limit is exceeded.
  • I manually input data - for example 65 MB - and the damn thing doesn't remember my setting. Okay, I say, and I reboot the phone. Now the setting is stored (it says 65 MB like it should) but the phone keeps on reminding me that the monthly limit is exceeded and disables my connection! (I "solve" this problem by turning off the setting to disable data connection when monthly traffic is exceeded.)
  • When I on random occasions open the Monitor application to check my data usage, sometimes it shows the right number, sometimes it shows the number I manually set a few days ago, sometimes it simply shows 0 MB.
  • I set the Control applications on and disallowed some applications from accessing the net... this doesn't work at all; all the application access the internet as if nothing was set.

  • In Guard, I set the rule to Reject from Blacklist and then I added a number from my phonebook to the blacklist. The number doesn't get blocked (=the phone rings as if nothing was set). The same thing happens if I manually enter the phone number.

  • Sometimes when I reboot the phone, the touch key light doesn't work. I have to go to Settings, set "Always off" and then back to "1.5 seconds" (I tried setting it to 6 sec or Always on... same result - doesn't work after reboot.)
Apr 18, 2012
  • Status bar toggle: I got occasionally toggle problem (after charging?) but only on Airplane icon. Reboot solves this issue, but later it could come again. It could be caused by the custom kernel too.
  • Monitor: I think since 2.9.29 it tries to ask the available data plan through network operator. So what I did to make the monitor app works with my data plan is to choose a mobile operator (it doesn't matter which one you choose) and then disable "auto adjust traffic". You'll get 1-2 sms telling that some USSD code doesn't exist for your mobile operator. Just ignore it.
  • Settings: I have similar problem that some settings didn't remember even after booting. Wiping cache and dalvik solves this problem for me. This problem happened to me after restoring setting's data from Miui Backup.
Apr 17, 2012
I did try the trick with monitor... I selected an operator, the phone told me the USSD didn't exist and then I disabled the auto adjustment. But the problem persists nonetheless.

I never used MiUI Backup, so this can't be it.
I also stated at the beginning of my first post that I always clear cache & dalvik cache when a problem occurs. I never complain about anything here on the forum before I try every other option I come up with... so I tried to clear cache, reboot etc. but nothing seems to help.
Oct 19, 2012
i have the same problem with the bottom lights on the soft keys. it works at first but when the screen goes off and comes back on the softkey lights dont. iv had this problem with earlyer versions aswell.. All in all i like the upgrade to 2.10