2-18-11 Official Release Notes

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  1. lil-dice


    Jan 30, 2011
    Added attribution to the database Add 5696 records, repair of individual error data
    Repair failed will display the call duration of last call issues
    IP phone repair attribution problem can not be displayed
    86 at the beginning of the local repair will be resolved as long-distance fixed the problem
    Repair data connection and try again the problem may lead to FC
    Optimized default "call against misuse" switch off by itself without the user

    Repair in some cases the problem can not receive long text messages
    Press Menu fix the content of messages will be truncated in some location problems
    New SMS contacts fix drop-down list and set the input items "display only the phone number" problem of inconsistency
    Repair receive reminders display received multimedia download time is not a matter of time due MMS download
    Edit mass repair call, the contact data changes in the call does not change the problem
    Edit mass term fix, there is a strange error when the problem of contact
    Optimization of the first loading speed when entering text
    Optimization further optimize mass properties

    When repair is not bound account the problems the new group will be FC

    Repair the password change in the pattern set in the invisible problem of invalid

    Optimization to improve the accuracy of the icon bar moving in the end
    Optimized to press home to open "recent tasks" faster
    Optimized for faster return to the desktop

    Optimization of the process to change the theme faster
    Optimization of some additional effects of two-state button
    Fixes can not back up the theme problem
    Download failed mistaken for a successful repair problems

    Lock screen:
    Add the contents of the lock-screen message in the SMS preview function can be set to turn off

    Add edit song ID3 information
    Add related local lyrics, album
    Add to manually adjust the lyrics progress
    Add SD card music folder to rename, delete, and file the same name, deleted the playlist update
    Add set to increase "does not use the system to provide album" option is to solve the system library problems associated with the error image
    Several causes crash of bug fixes

    Camera: (in MIUI network disk download)
    Improve boot speed optimization
    Widescreen fix some models of mobile phone settings initialization problem FC
    Click the photo fix button to take pictures during the period of time will cause the camera does not respond to the problem

    Add three sorting methods (menu key exhale): Created by file, by file name and by file size
    Add the folder view in the gallery to add a menu option to manually trigger the SD card scanning
    Fix the big picture enlarged ambiguous in the case of memory allows the maximum guarantee its definition
    Zoom and move around after the repair is easy to switch to the next when the problem
    Slide your finger to switch the picture optimization comparison card problems and improve finger movement for smoother zoom picture
  2. This is looking like a good release, I especially like the improvements to the Music app, although you never can be sure with these Google translations :p
  3. Dprince2124

    Feb 5, 2011
    Sounds really good cant wait for the release
  4. Khanh1289


    Nov 7, 2010
    you missing the new battery monitoring.. pretty much the biggest change..
  5. Philly


    Jan 30, 2011

    Where is the Droid release I can't find it?
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    Nov 29, 2010
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    There is no release yet. This is just an early change-log for this Fridays release. ;)

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