Redmi Note 11 bootloop


Feb 24, 2023
Redmi Note 11 can be loaded via Reboot menu, then working for about 1-2 minutes and then goes back to reboot. Erasing data is available in reboot menu. However I'd like to save photos. The problem is that time of normal working doesn't allow almost anything useful - tried to move files to SD card, tried to copy on PC, tried to switch on DEV settings to try some utilities, all failed, phones goes to reload before I complete any of these operations.
Is there any advice on how to save photos before resetting the data?


Apr 19, 2014
you can try this ....

Safe Mode (This is not the "Recovery mode" or the "Fastboot mode" )
In case your phone shows a lot of errors and you cant handle them because there are a lot of pop up windows or you want to deinstall something from magisk as example ... try the "safe mode" only some important standard apps will be loaded:
  1. Power off your Android device and then power it on. You can also use the Reboot or Restart option.
  2. You will see the Powered by Android logo and MI logo on the boot screen, If they disappear and the Screen ist black, press and hold the Volume Down key down so long till system ist loaded
  3. The System will load and you will see a watermark... Safe mode
  4. Deinstall the app with the error / analyze the root cause of the issue and so on ...
  5. Reboot the phone to get off the "safe mode"
  6. Perhaps after loading you have to disable AirPlane Mode


Mar 22, 2023
I have the same issue, and what weird is, that it reboots 4-8 seconds, only after entering PIN.

I cannot enable USB debugging, because the MIUI 13 has a "nice" feature: OK button has a 10 seconds long countdown before it would be clickable. But phone restarts earlier, even in Safe Mode. I would like to save some pictures before returning back for warranty fixing. I was able to connect with fastboot, but no MI PC Suite, no other software tools were useable in that case.

I got a suggestion to drain the phone successfully, and then trying again.

Any idea, how can it be done?