[2.2.3] Dialer - bug

I also experience this on my DHD after the last update (today). When I press the volume-keys during a phonecall, the display says "Headphones", so it seems like the software thinks the headphones are connected in-call. However, there is no sign of connected headphones when not calling. Apart from that, everything related to headphones and speakers seems to work just fine.
My port from dhd to the glacier had this also.

this has been a message from the dead pool.
I have the same problem! Is there any solution for it. Because for a first time, MIUI starts p****ng me off.

//Desire Z//
As per the latest tweet, there is a bug in dialer/ SMS and it is being repackaged. They advised to revert back to last week's rom.

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Yes, all ROMs have been updated. Slight glitch while building the ROMs this week which caused some problems.

All fixed now and sorry for the problems.