Resolved 2.6.1 - SGS2 - Boot freeze after applying theme


Jun 1, 2012
Hey all,

I have applied an invalid theme that is not compatible with miui v4 and my device now refuses to boot (freeze on boot logo)

I think i should be able to fix this manually by adb etc by changing a config file that sets the current theme. There is just one question: Where is that file or does another known fix exist?

FACTORY RESET IS NO OPTION FOR ME (this is the standard answer you get everywhere, but i cannot do It to avoid losing all my app settings)

thanks a lot for your time

I am willing to offer 10 eur via paypal for a correct answer which allows me to boot my device again and does NOT require me to do a factory reset or lose data otherwise
:mad:!! You didnt read!!

Join IRC Chat and will help you there in real time
I found the solution to this myself after the forums and IRC couldn't help me:

Starting state: You cannot boot anymore and wish to rescue your data instead of simply doing a factory reset

1.) Get "QtADB" from [1] and boot into CWMR on your phone. Connect it with USB to your PC ofc.
2.) Go to "Apps" section in QtADB there. Create a backup of your apps on device.
(If 2.) doesn't work for any reason flash SiyahKernel [2] and try again)
3.) Do a factory reset
4.) Flash latest Miui rom
5.) Flash Siyahkernel again if you had to do it in Step 2
6.) Restore your Apps using the option in the "Apps" section


[1] =
[2] =
Oh nice one ill try it out i diden't know you could backup all your apps without backing up rom as well thanks for help
hmm, if you had/have a backup you could have done a factory reset (optional) but you could have gone into cwm and done a restore of system, cache,Kernel or data (in your case)


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No that didn't work in my case because the backup I had was taken after the brick. But the tool I mentioned above is still able to backup apps + data directly from cwmr. After that you can do a factory reset and still keep all your data.