New 2.6.22 One X - Screen stays dark when waking up from sleep


Jun 23, 2012
Steps to replicate on my hardware (International HTC One X) on 2.6.22:

1) Turn auto brightness off in toggles
2) Set brightness to lower setting (not sure if this is meaningful)
3) Press the power button to engage sleep
4) Press the power button again to wake the device

At this point the device wakes up, but the screen stays dark as if the brightness is set to zero. The controls are there, so if I unlock the phone (blindly) and pull down the drawer (blindly) and navigate to the toggles (blindly) and tap the not-showing auto brightness toggle, the screen wakes up. Hence, I suspect it has something to do with setting the brightness low.

Occasionally it seems that the brightness does come back to visible levels after few toggles, but usually it requires either the blind navigation described above or restarting the device.