New Delayed screen wake


Apr 5, 2019
Hello. Not sure if this has been asked yet and apologies if it already was. On mi max 3 and latest 10.2 stable, adding face data for unlock seems to slow down waking up the screen with the power button. The speed is normal with double tap 2 wake and regular fingerprint unlock though. Wondering if this happens to anyone else and if a fix is possible. Also ty devs for your hard work

EDIT - power button problem now fixed in latest 10.3 stable and there's even a new option to stay on lockscreen if the user only wants to check notification without having it instantly unlock by mistake. There is still a bit of delay if that new lockscreen setting is turned off but for now its a good solution.
TYSM these devs deserve to be appreciated without hearing so many complaints from different users. Xiaomi devices would not be the same without them especially my mm3 since we are lacking custom roms atm. Eu is usually more stable than gsi's too. Again ty
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