New 2.8.31 SGS2 Bugs and issues


Aug 30, 2012
Bugs after clean install of latest version (2.8.31):

1. Volume control does not work during phone call, while phone is near the ear (screen turned off);
2. After unlock, proximity sensor remains on (more details here:;
3. Messages bug from earlier version persists (see this post:
4. When adding the contacts widget, the keyboard pops up;
5. Choppy and lagging unlock screen (worse than previous version);

Will post more when i find them (i just hope I won't have to :D).


Apr 4, 2012
Another thing is that is seems like battery usage is alot more in standby.. Also i can confirm the proximity sensor bug, which also seems to be on after screenlock/off.


Jun 27, 2012
In this version my contacts widget is completely gone. Does anyone experience the same?


Sep 5, 2012
3 main bugs for me (and happy to hear if they are just problems with settings):
1. LBE guard is still not providing real root permissions for some apps ESPECIALLY ES file explorer (trying to add root permissions fails)
2. in the stock messenger, the latest sms in a thread often can't be seen until i scroll to the top of the thread and click "show all messages" - and this has to be done every time a new message comes through! not sure if its because i have large threads, but still...
3. the flashlight on lockscreen (note i use a pattern lockscreen) - if i accidentally push the home key for too long, which can happen when the phone is in my pocket, the flashlight comes on, i can turn it off but then my phone becomes unresponsive and i have to turn off and on again. would it be possible to introduce a setting to allow us to disable the flashlight/torch on lock?

other possible bugs-
stock camera image quality seems pretty bad these days?