2 Cards Fried In 2 Days


Aug 26, 2017
Hi guys, here is a Mi Max 128 Gb on MIUI Gobal Stable (NBDMIED). NOT rooted. Italian language
I bough it used 2 months ago (phone originally sold for the first time in february 2017), and it was in perfect condition.
I just inserted my micro SD Transcend SDXC 64Gb Premium 400X and used for 2 months without a problem.
2 days ago I was shooting a picture and sending it by whatsapp, whatsapp frozen, reboot phone, and my microSD card was gone.
Phone say Card is damaged, click here to repair or something similar but nothing happens
Put it in an external USB 3.0 reader and can read all the files, copy them on PC, but the card was now write protected. Yes, like an SD with the switch on.
Card is still readable (not in the phone but in the computer), but I cannot delete anything on it, nor format. Tried to put in a camera, but the answer is still the same, card is write protected. Will get it back to the supplier.
Bought another one, this time a Kingston XC I gold, 64gb, copied everything on it from the backup, and put it back in the phone. Everything was fine.
10 minutes ago I needed a picture from the gallery, open it, and everything disappeared again. But this time no error, no anything, the card simply didn't exist anymore. If I insert the card in an external reader, it will not show up. Tried on windows 7, windows 10, Canon cameras. Is like the card is dead.
I am now copying the backup on the internal memory (so slow, a pain in the ass to transfer 50 gb)
but I am now really scare to buy another card as I believe that the failures could be related with the phone that is not working well.
During the past years a looooooot of microsd cards died suddendly in my samsung phone, after a while, without a reason, so i take regular backups
The same one month ago in the Huawei P8 lite of my mother. Different brands, always from original supplier (not ebay).
But with the Xiaomi is the first time (I had for a year a Mi Max 32 gb).
Any hints?