New [21.8.4 Miui 12.6][MIUI 12.6 21.8.4] BUG for Xiaomi mi 10 (umi)


Jun 4, 2020
Hi everyone!

I am a Xiaomi mi 10 owner and flashing this new rom [2021.8.4] i find many bugs.

Among the pros i noticed that the smartphone almost never overheated and the battery level dropped more slowly.
Perhaps like other devices from other brands we tried to delegate some activities to the secondary cores and not to the main one.

I'm sure the goal was to increase the autonomy but with all these bugs i had to downgrade previous version [21.7.28].

Bug that i report:
1) Miui Launcher stop to work wait or finish.

2) the smartphone makes slight micro vibrations as soon as it turns on or in any case after this slight vibration or the image fizzes or if you lock it with the screen off it turns off completely.

3) This is not new but very old:
in the accessibility menu the large menu does not work that you had to call up with two fingers from bottom to top for those like me who use gestures.

Thank you for your attention
Good day! ☀