New [3.4.12] Mi-One strange problems after upgrade from ICS

Apr 19, 2013
Last week I immigrated from MIUI V4 ICS to the latest rom at that point (3.4.12 JB MIUI V5)

I have to say that the phone seems snappier and the improvement in the UI is tremendous. But at the same time I want to point out some very peculiar problems I have been experiencing ever since I installed the rom.

Problem 1:
With the old V4 rom I had an alarm in the MIUI clock (Mon-Friday / Silent / no vibrate) that essentially woke up the device at 05.55 am.

I wanted that because then the app alarm droid took over as the alarm clock given that it has the ability to use a internet stream as an alarm ringtone and in fact in a controllable ascending volume.

With the new rom V5 the phone wakes up but the app does not work in the background unless I unlock the blue alarm clock screen manually.

Problem 2:
Also the Wi-Fi has a strange behavior sometimes as it does not connect to my workplace network although the corrected password has been given and stored.

It does not even connect why I manually select the network.

I have to go into the network settings – tell the phone to forget the network, then try to connect enter the password and then it connects fine.

This happens only after installing the rom 3.4.12

I am sorry if this is not the place to post this. If I should move the post to another location in the forum let me know.