5.1.1 By Ivan

Dec 31, 2013
Day 2 of testing the Rom is coming to an end and I have to say I am impressed!
Finally a Rom that is (so far) not having any random reboots!!!
The Rom is running very smooth and the ram management is great. With the official miui v5 Rom I could not have Tapatalk and spotify running at the same time, now I have about 350 mb of ram free at any time! Incredible

I was already looking for a replacement phone for my mi2a,but I am finally happy again.

So far, I would recommend this Rom for sure!


Sep 5, 2015
@cirkator I have a question: do you experience any lags or slowdowns? In my case the rom feels very sluggish, so that it seems to me that there must be a fps limit in this rom. This is strange, though, as it does not occur while watching a movie on stock player or YouTube.