5.12.17 - Mi Note Pro And Mi Cloud Bug

Feb 8, 2015

Today I flashed MIUI 5.12.17 on Mi Note Pro. First of all I installed TWRP then I reboot to recovery and I did a FULL WIPE (Dalvik, Data, Cache and System).

So I flashed 5.12.17 and when it finished I did another WIPE (Dalvik, Data, Cache).

Once it finished the Mi Note Pro rebooted correctly and started the setup.
I selected Language, WiFi, Google Account and Mi Cloud: then it stopped working. I always get a "Mi Cloud stopped working" error and I can't go out of there.

I did another full wipe and I tried again, but it doesn't work even if I don't login to Mi Account.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

You can find a pic of log attached.