Jul 26, 2013
I will update this reply accordingly based on test results:
  • Booting OK (I clean cache + dalvik, so even after booting there will be recompilation of all my apps)
  • Navigation button will be disabled, press home + power together to reactivate
  • Starts from SuperSU 2.46 to root (I don't test newer version zips). Probably can't start clean, need for first flash, then do dirty flash on top of it
  • Quick ball enabled (can't disable, perhaps requires reboot) with option "temporarily shown in landscape mode" (EDIT: yep, gone after reboot)
  • Default thermal throttle config still sucks even for mid gaming, yet a daemon (haven't found out what it is) keeps /system from being remounted rw! Will attempt changes from recovery (EDIT: changes from recovery successful, need to manually mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p11)
Feel free to ask if there's anything you want to me to test. Yay! Welcome!
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Dec 28, 2016
section 8.5 in repository - xiaomi.eu_multi_MIPAD2_V8.5.1.0.LACCNED_v8-5.1.zip
installed from latest stable by direct zip file uploaded on mipad2 ... so far stable and working...
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