A Forgotten Gem Why?

Jan 9, 2015
My friends hello I can not understand the rationale Mom xiaomi when species two months present Mipad 2 but has not notified any International rom nor I see vivid interest in such a good tool that could monopolize the interest ...
Please excuse me for my English is terrible and not supported by google translation...

I therefore ask whether there is the will and the time to give us a fastboot International Rom as notifications on the Note 3 and is very very good.
Jan 4, 2016
I think the main reasons are:

  • At the moment MiPAD 2 is barely present around the world.
  • Real performance and specs are worse than MiPAD.
  • MIUI versión and Xiaomi support for tablets saldy sucks (no global ROM, locked bootloader, no kernel sources, no themes, no energy management, high battery drain...)
Because of this and other related issues, I think people sees no reason to put the effort and time waste supporting this device requires.