A series of unfortunate events followed by MIUI flash...


Aug 7, 2012

First of all I like this ROM a whole lot - yesterday I moved from CyanogenMod onto MIUIAndroid - and so far I'm content... not happy - but somewhat content. And here's the reasons why I'm not happy - like in "I want to touch the sky" kind of way... ;)

For the record: I'm using Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100):
  1. After the flash, which was a walk in the park - as my phone was rooted due to prior flashes, I noticed that when asking the ROM Manager Premium (v. with CWM to "Reboot into Recovery" it fails - and the phone boots normally. It's not a big deal for me, as it's possible to boot into recovery manually. But just a bit annoying. Have anyone else experienced this? (I have re-flashed the phone once just in case - but the problem persists.
  2. When booting into recovery, it is no longer possible to "install zip from sd card" and then choose "choose zip from sdcard" - I get this error
    CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4
    E:Can't mount /sdcard/
    Instead I have to choose a function called "choose zip from internal sdcard" which works when I re-flashed with MUIU once more (just to see if this problem could be solved this way - but alas it wasn't) My question is is there a way to get the "choose zip from sdcard" working again?
  3. I can't install any additional mods from this site using the "choose zip from sdcard" method. I'm sure this has something to to with bullet point #2
  4. I have noticed when booting up the phone, it clicks like it's turning on and off the camera on the phone. I only happens when the MIUI logo is showing in the beginning. It stops when the phone is fully booted. Again, this is not a big deal - just a bit annoying.
Can anyone here in the forum help me? I'm not totally n00b when coming to flashing phones - but neither am I not a very experienced "flasher" so to speak.

Thanks in advance.