A2 Lite (daisy) to MIUI 12


Dec 5, 2020
Good news everyone. I got bored with my android 10 out of the box and decided to research on how to change the ROM to this device (daisy). I found this video on YouTube where nothing is explained, but it helped me get an idea of the installation process:
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It'll need:
1. A PC.
2. Mi A2 Lite / A2.
3. USB cable.
4. Xioami Account.

I've only tested it on mi A2 Lite. The ROM is from a ROM for the Redmi Note 7, by the developer @Avengerhood, who adapts it to the A2.

Please, watch the Youtube video while you read the followin steps.

Step 1: Download the following files:
1. TWRP image: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=6006931924117887098
2. Tools folder for Windows: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tljD90UA0-XFv_sl24CLAbJ_emRCqA-b/view
3. MIUI 12 file (20.11): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-rPY7psMmvmIYIM2bdMXsTYP71cjMJmr/view
4. Unlock Bootloader tool by Xiaomi: https://en.miui.com/unlock/download_en.html
5. Firmware: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&v=2ikza-0NcSA&q=https://4pda.ru/pages/go/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbigota.d.miui.com%2FV11.0.10.0.QDLMIXM%2Fdaisy_global_images_V11.0.10.0.QDLMIXM_20200811.0000.00_10.0_cc1ac3740f.tgz&e=99138366&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbFQzVGZlWkdCNUcyVG5tU3hQZHh3NHdwbkVxZ3xBQ3Jtc0tuTXVVb0N4RldEbXRMUkwwa1BnbU42RHVvdjJNSlZkNzhfdE5tR0p1R3dSN1pNZVZLWDdaWWhaQ3hUXzFLT0lxWGVPRl9iaThHNXlMVTFVRnZvN25lQkZhVG14YU5vSEMzcjVHbEJRRlN6aDFzZU9HSQ==

Step 2: Open developer mode on the phone. In the developer options, select "Allow OEM unlock" and "USB debugging".

Step 3: Extract the files from the tools for Windows folder and copy the files to the root (C://).

Step 4: Extract the Firmware files in the tools folder.

Step 5: Rename the file that starts with "twrp ..." to just "twrp" and copy it to the tools folder too.

Step 6: Copy MIUI 12 version into SD card without extracting .

Step 7: Before open cmd, you need to install drivers. Extract files from xiaomi "MiFlash" program. A Xiaomi account will be required. Above, where it says "Driver" we select it and connect the device so that it can install the corresponding drivers.

Step 8: (DATA WILL BE ERASED) When the drivers have been installed, we open the tools folder for Windows, and in the folder path bar, we type "cmd". We turn off the phone and then press at the same time the power + Volume (-) buttons to open the phone's bootloader and plug in the USB cable. So, we write the following command on cmd: "fastboot oem unlock".The phone screen will start to show messages until the phone will turn itself on again. Be patient.

Step 9: Open the cmd window again and type the following command: "fastboot boot twrp.img". The phone will now show another type of message again. When a menu is displayed on the screen, we can unplug the USB cable.

Step 10: It is time to install MIUI 12. If a message to enter a password is displayed, we select cancel.

Step 11: Wait until it aks about keep system read only, then slide your finger on the bottom bar.

Step 12: Select Wipe option and then select Format data option. Write "yes". When finished successfully, go back to the menu and select "wipe" option again but this time, select "advanced wipe" and select:
1. Dalvik / ART Cache
2. System
3. data
4. Internal Storage

and then slide the bar down. When done go back to the main menu, again.

Step 13: Now select the "install" option and then select the "select storage" option and select the SD card. Look for the file that you have previously added to the card and select it. Slide your finger on the bar below and wait. When finished, select "Reboot System" and swipe again. NOW YES, PLEASE BE PATIENT, THIS WILL TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES (TEN OR EVEN MORE), DO NOT WORRY.

I hope it helps you, my voice has spoken from experience :)


Feb 10, 2021
I have a rare bug with the cameras, no matter what app i'm using (I tried with Whatsapp, Instagram, and the Camera App) every time I take a picture it glitches like this, and in the Camera App every time I want to go to settings it crashes, any solution?
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