1. Jedrick Constantino

    We need beta update for POCO F1 atleast ported from Mi 8 beta roms.

    Mi 8 is higher compatibility with POCO F1 i have sample of EU rom ported from mi 8 with almost zero bugs. i saw from Telegram Group.
  2. P

    New Redmi 6, MIUI 10.4.3 Stable Bugs

    Dear All, Recently, I have received the MIUI 10.4.3 Stable update and it is quite buggy! First of all, the animations aren't smooth as before (the last Android 8 ROM update). The adaptive brightness is jerky. It hunts quite a bit before getting stable at a certain brightness and it is quite...
  3. S

    New 2 bugs spotted in MIUI EU [STABLE] 10.3.17 for K20 Pro

    1. GPS 2. Profile video for outgoing calls Description: 1. GPS can only be set to "Device only" If I select "battery saving" gps automatically turns off and "High accuracy" is unable to select 2. Can't select profile video for outgoing calls under sounds & vibration section. Its set to "no...
  4. jimgsey

    [Mod] [Aroma Installer] ATLANTIS CONCEPT

    New mod that flashes from recovery to rom miui. Use as base the aroma installer that allows the user to choose what it is to install. The mod allows: Delete more than 42 apps (Lite your rom) Add some apps Add some mods from miui Change bootanimation Use your favourite kernel (all miui...
  5. L

    How this rom turn off physical buttons

    I use this rom (mi5s) some time ago and notice that I have in FSG(gestures) turn off physical buttons option (and it was very useful thx) my question - how you get this, how I can do such thing in other miui roms(I mean programmatically, not by use root solution apps)
  6. T

    New [MI9SE-9.7.25]Wifi/SIM signal strange behavior

    So long story short, i bought the mi9se and it came a week ago and i'm facing several problems that i'm not sure if its hardware or software, if you guys could help it would be awesome. Issues: 1 - It seems that its happening a problem with wifi or SIM chip signal, that it disconnects and...
  7. Maximus1G

    OTA update

    Do you get ota updates of the latest weekly firmware versions? I have a problem with this. Question: how to update manually without losing all user data? Respectfully!
  8. kakukur

    VOTE NOW! [sending to the most recent people]

    Hey, There is a feature that has been in Android 9 since its inception, but the ruin we use does not include this particular feature. That's qucik sending, sending to most recent people I mean this: VOTE HERE IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS FEATURE in the next update https://www.strawpoll.me/18233634...
  9. p4trk

    Background app list and killing individual apps

    Hello, Running 10.3 stable on Mi 8 Lite. I want to see and kill apps from a list. Is there a simple way to do it instead of the round about way in MIUI?
  10. R

    Can I install xiaomi.eu on my A2 with the firmware folder?

    Can I install xiaomi.eu on my A2 with the firmware folder? Will I receive RB4? I do not feel like returning on Android one but I want the original Miui ROM kernel. I prefer battery autonomy, thank you.
  11. Daniel182AVA

    New Raise to Wake not working on latest stable 10.2.3

    I'm having that issue with the mi 6X stable rom please help I have that option enabled and isnt working
  12. MarcPedro

    Ai manual mood on Whyred Redmi Note 5 Pro

    Hello developer's, I just noticed we Whyred (Redmi Note 5 Pro) not have received yet the (option to activate the AI artificial intelligence on our incredible cameras (such like the model name says (we have Ai cameras) but I already asking. Where's that option? Or it was everything fake news from...
  13. J

    Mi 5x does not exist anymore?

    I am with a beta of miui, and I wanted to use the stable rom miui global for mi 5x, but I can not find anywhere the rom Tiffany
  14. Kelsonya

    New Second space on Redmi Note 5 PRO

    Hi! I noticed such a strange thing. In the second space, photos and videos from the first space are hidden, although I didn’t import them. Is this a bug? Now I am on a weekly 9.3.7.
  15. mateHD

    Face unlock problem

    Hi guys, I have a mi 8 pro. I chose this phone for 3D face recognition. Unfortunately, I'm not satisfied with it. Fast, accurate, perfectly recognizes me, but unfortunately makes the lockscreen useless. I would like to controll the music, check the notifications on the lockscreen. When I look at...
  16. G

    Mi Pad 3

    Hi! I have a Mi Pad 3 tablet and the android 7 installed, is there a way to update to a more recent android, 8.1 or later?
  17. Hydro

    [MI8 - dipper] MIUI Camera vs BSG *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Port

    [MI8 - dipper] MIUI Camera vs BSG *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Port My configuration : - Hardware : Mi8 - Software : HavocOS (link) - MIUI Camera : ANX MIUI Camera v7 (Magisk module) (01/25/2019) (link) - Google Pixel Camera : BSG *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* Port (12/30/2018) (link) (BSG's config : link) Personal...
  18. megarecords

    System keep ram memory

    To Dev. I need a system MIUI Redmi 5A or any devices to Maintain good keep RAM memory operate the applications that are in 3-4 applications or 600-700MB as pubg game To be the same as the system of other rom. such as pure android, google pixel os, zenui, Lineage os, etc. It very well keeping...
  19. kevols

    miui eu is fast charging supported?

    i want it to know thanks.
  20. 7

    New MIUI 10 8.9.20 [Mi Pad 4 Bugs]

    Hi! I noticed few things after I updated to MIUI 10 (v8.9.20) on my Mi Pad 4. Fullscreen mode doesn't work properly. When I go into settings -> fullscreen mode -> fullscreen and select an app I want to run fullscreen, app's icon become "blue", but fullscreen doesn't work. As soon as I push...