1. S

    Cant log into mifit(remi 9s running miui 12.0.2)

    So i removed my mifit app while cleaning up my phone, and decided to re-install it. Problem is i cant seem to log in now. My mifit app is registered to the same mi account that i'm using on my phone(which only exists so i could unlock the bootloader) I open the app, and it tells me to log in. I...
  2. M

    Is there a full mod list for the ROM that is provided by Xiaomi.eu? and spyware paranoid.

    Dear all, I am in the process of buying a xiaomi phone, currently I found a mi 10t pro but may change it for a mi 10 pro. (any advise for which one to choose is welcome!) However I am really being made paranoid by all the 'chinese' phones having spyware. I searched around and found answers...
  3. N

    Does Xiaomi.eu contain TalkBack?

    Hello everyone, this is my first topic on this forum so I apologizei n advance if I have posted my question in a wrong room or if there any other problems arising from my posting. Today is the day, I finally can unlock my Mi11 bootloader (yay!), but since I am a blind user I need to ask you...
  4. FakeKeep

    How to update the new version of MI11?

    The subsequent MI11 version package does not have a fastboot version, how to update it?
  5. H

    Mi Mix2S MIUI latest update

    Hi guys. I got a quick question regarding MIUI update. Im currently using the last beta version which is MIUI 12.1 WEEKLY 20.9.4 Beta dated back on September 2020. Based on my quick search i found that the latest stable version is xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix2S_V12.0.3.0.QDGCNXM_v12-10.zip on April...
  6. A

    Is there any developer version MIUI for Redmi Note 10(M2101K7AG)

    I bought a Redmi Note 10 for my research, but I meet some problems. 1. I can not unlock it now, the software let me try after 336 hours, which means 14 days. Is that because I just bought this phone? And is there any chance I can unlock it earlier? 2.I haven't found a developer version MIUI...
  7. J

    Camera2 api MIUI vs Custom rom

    Hi, I have Mi10t Pro and I would like to use the wide angle and macro lens in apps that access the camera using the "camera2 api"... Unfortunately on MIUI only the main camera supports the camera2 api... If I install a custom rom, will I get all lenses to support camera2 api? (I had a Huawei p30...
  8. C

    Is it possible to go back to MIUI stock?

    Basically, I want to go back to the stock version of miui, and if possible also eliminating TWRP, I am a somewhat basic user so I prefer to resort to as much help as possible. I think this would be easier if not because I have the EU version MIUI 12.1.1 (MI 9T davinci), which includes android...
  9. Capler

    Lost the new notifications center

    Hey. I just wiped all data and now, there is not option to enable the new MIUI 12 Notifications Center. I've tried downloading the latest MIUI 12 package and even after that, it doesn't display the option to enable the new notification center.
  10. SirLukas

    Mi 10 Ultra - Persiscope Camera Shenanigans

    Hi All, This isn't related to MIUI.eu but my Mi 10 Ultra is showing some weird behaviour and I was wondering if anyone else who owns one can see if theirs does it too? I have had my Ultra since August, and yester morning I noticed a very fine scratch in the corner of the periscope lens...
  11. B

    New 5G with Mi 11 (CN-Version)

    Hello i have a problem with my Mi 11. I have unlocked the bootloader and installed the stable MIUI from here. (MIUI with MIUI 21.2.24 Beta have i the Bug too. With the original China Rom I have 5G. I am receiving absolutely no 5G. I also tried to force my smartphone to use it...
  12. alexroumi

    No sound assistant

    So I leave in Greece and I have not yet received the sound assistant part of the MIUI 12 on my redmi note 8 pro my current version is 12.0.4
  13. S

    Can not connect via USB to computer anymore, but 3 times USB connection option and USB notification gone

    Hello everybody, I have 2 problems with my Xiaomi mi 10T lite: 1) the main problem is that I am no longer able to connect my phone to my computer via USB. It worked at first without problems for about a month after I bought the phone! But for no reason (after the phone downloaded a system...
  14. P

    Xiaomi and GMS

    Hi all, is the announcement https://www.gizmochina.com/2021/02/05/xiaomi-miui-china-rom-gms-framework/ affecting the xiaomi.eu rom?
  15. jaskier

    How can I contribute to xiaomi.eu rom translations?

    Hello everyone; I live in Turkey. And I wonder how I can contribute to Xiaomi.EU's Turkish ROM translations. More precisely, can I contribute? :) I would be grateful for you to share with me any informational text or guide about contributing to translations. Thanks in advance. I wish healthy...
  16. A

    New Mi 10 Lite Zoom screen recorder not working properly

    Device is Mi 10 Lite Zoom, vangogh, MIUI 12.1.4. Screen recorder is basically works but recorded video file is corrupted and can't play.
  17. vicing8

    [ICON] MIUI icons

    Authors: vicing8 MIUI version - 10, 11, 12 Font - MiLanProVF (in the best traditions and love of Lei Jun) Installation method: Recovery Description: Icon pack is 100% consistent with the design and style requirements of MIUI 12, there are more than 1400 icons in the package. All icons are...
  18. N


    xiaomi eu your splash screen is to old versiyon. miui 12.5 and android 11 but splash screen is same miui 9. i dislike that roms . can you fix it splash screen?
  19. X

    Mi 10T Pro Manual Update?

    Yesterday I've bought the Mi 10T Pro with MIUI Global 12.0.1. I discovered that this is note the latest update, so i wanted to update my new smartphone. Unfortunately, this was not possibile, since that the phone doesn't find a new update, and i found this very strange. My question is, is there...
  20. I

    Questions before installing xiaomi eu Rom

    Hello about to install xiami eu rom to Redmi k30 5g china rom. thanks in advance. 1) when installing xiaomi eu rom do I need to install global rom first . i presume not. 2) I understand that google pay won't work without magisk installed. My question is will banking apps and tap and...