1. M

    How do I get data off of my phone that just wiped itself.

    My Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro just factory reset itself. First it rebooted itself and removed all my apps. I thought that something might have not loaded properly because I have had wierd issues in the past so I rebooted it again. After the reboot it took me to the setup language selection screen...
  2. Behesti

    New Poco F3 bugs and missing features

    In my Poco F3 MIUI 13.0.5 stable the bluetooth won't connect paired headsets, cars etc. My pair “compatible devices settings” is on. There is no “wake up screen when notification arrives” setting like used to global miui. VoWifi symbol doesn't appear. No problem with VoLTE but why voWIFI...
  3. N

    New Google assistant doesn't work with my voice

    Hi, since I've installed xiaomi.eu 13.0.9, which is the first xiaomi.eu ROM I've installed (before I had the Chinese ROM, without Google apps) I get this bug when trying to talk to Google assistant. It recognizes my voice but I can't talk with him. It still happens after updating to xiaomi.eu...
  4. HighVoltageLP

    New Google Play Services broken? Can't backup my data.

    Ok, so 3 days ago I had an issue where the YouTube app, when started, was loading the feed infinitely, I decided to go to Play Store and update google services, but the Play Store wouldn't load past the triangle logo. I've downloaded the external apk and tried installing that, no result with...
  5. R

    How to unlock bootloader in Xiaomi 11T

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I'm sorry for being a noob. I just want to ask how to unlock the bootloader. Already tried all the possible tutorial online but I can't really unlock it. I used the MI unlock tool and it gives me this error every time. I hope someone can help me. Thank you
  6. M

    Please help! - Failure upgrading to MIUI 13 from MIUI 12 - Xiaomi 11

    Hello community! I have been trying to update my Xiaomi 11 from MIUI 12 (21.8.26 Beta) to the latest MIUI 13 (22.2.23 Beta). I follow the instructions as stated below: - Download our ROM zip file - Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC - Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down +...
  7. S

    Poco X3 Pro keeps restarting

    After charging up my Poco X3 Pro phone to almost 100%, i pulled out the cable and everything froze. After a few seconds, it rebooted and has been rebooting ever since. It manages to boot into the OS, but freezes immediately and then reboots again. Recovery, fastboot work fine. I've done a hard...
  8. K

    Disable context menu Xiaomi MIUI

    Hello! I need to disable the context menu of Xiaomi MIUI, because I made my own context menu. But the following standard solution doesn't work: How can I remove this context menu?
  9. S

    Cant log into mifit(remi 9s running miui 12.0.2)

    So i removed my mifit app while cleaning up my phone, and decided to re-install it. Problem is i cant seem to log in now. My mifit app is registered to the same mi account that i'm using on my phone(which only exists so i could unlock the bootloader) I open the app, and it tells me to log in. I...
  10. M

    Is there a full mod list for the ROM that is provided by Xiaomi.eu? and spyware paranoid.

    Dear all, I am in the process of buying a xiaomi phone, currently I found a mi 10t pro but may change it for a mi 10 pro. (any advise for which one to choose is welcome!) However I am really being made paranoid by all the 'chinese' phones having spyware. I searched around and found answers...
  11. N

    Does Xiaomi.eu contain TalkBack?

    Hello everyone, this is my first topic on this forum so I apologizei n advance if I have posted my question in a wrong room or if there any other problems arising from my posting. Today is the day, I finally can unlock my Mi11 bootloader (yay!), but since I am a blind user I need to ask you...
  12. FakeKeep

    How to update the new version of MI11?

    The subsequent MI11 version package does not have a fastboot version, how to update it?
  13. H

    Mi Mix2S MIUI latest update

    Hi guys. I got a quick question regarding MIUI update. Im currently using the last beta version which is MIUI 12.1 WEEKLY 20.9.4 Beta dated back on September 2020. Based on my quick search i found that the latest stable version is xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix2S_V12.0.3.0.QDGCNXM_v12-10.zip on April...
  14. A

    Is there any developer version MIUI for Redmi Note 10(M2101K7AG)

    I bought a Redmi Note 10 for my research, but I meet some problems. 1. I can not unlock it now, the software let me try after 336 hours, which means 14 days. Is that because I just bought this phone? And is there any chance I can unlock it earlier? 2.I haven't found a developer version MIUI...
  15. J

    Camera2 api MIUI vs Custom rom

    Hi, I have Mi10t Pro and I would like to use the wide angle and macro lens in apps that access the camera using the "camera2 api"... Unfortunately on MIUI only the main camera supports the camera2 api... If I install a custom rom, will I get all lenses to support camera2 api? (I had a Huawei p30...
  16. C

    Is it possible to go back to MIUI stock?

    Basically, I want to go back to the stock version of miui, and if possible also eliminating TWRP, I am a somewhat basic user so I prefer to resort to as much help as possible. I think this would be easier if not because I have the EU version MIUI 12.1.1 (MI 9T davinci), which includes android...
  17. Capler

    Lost the new notifications center

    Hey. I just wiped all data and now, there is not option to enable the new MIUI 12 Notifications Center. I've tried downloading the latest MIUI 12 package and even after that, it doesn't display the option to enable the new notification center.
  18. SirLukas

    Mi 10 Ultra - Persiscope Camera Shenanigans

    Hi All, This isn't related to MIUI.eu but my Mi 10 Ultra is showing some weird behaviour and I was wondering if anyone else who owns one can see if theirs does it too? I have had my Ultra since August, and yester morning I noticed a very fine scratch in the corner of the periscope lens...
  19. B

    New 5G with Mi 11 (CN-Version)

    Hello i have a problem with my Mi 11. I have unlocked the bootloader and installed the stable MIUI from here. (MIUI with MIUI 21.2.24 Beta have i the Bug too. With the original China Rom I have 5G. I am receiving absolutely no 5G. I also tried to force my smartphone to use it...
  20. alexroumi

    No sound assistant

    So I leave in Greece and I have not yet received the sound assistant part of the MIUI 12 on my redmi note 8 pro my current version is 12.0.4