A2 Lite Home Network Connection Issue since update.


Jan 6, 2019

I've had this phone about a month and was delighted with it until ten days ago. I got a notification to update to v9 and ever since the phone won't connect to my home network. I've gone through all the settings to no avail. It appears the network is connected but the phone will not connect to any apps. I was told maybe it was my router frequency so I rang my internet provider who made a few changes however nothing they did made a difference.

To give an example I can switch off my data and try to download on WIFI from Netflix and it will say no connection. If I turn on data and turn off WIFI I can download. If I turn on WIFI during download it will download but once episode is finished downloading it will revert to previous.
I just turned off data and tried to send a message on viber but it comes up no internet connection however the phone says I'm connected to my home WIFI and signal strength is excellent.

The phone was running perfect until the update. Not sure if it makes a difference but it is the global version, bought on Amazon Spain and I'm in Ireland. I will speak to the IT guy in work tomorrow but after that I am looking at reset factory settings. However will it be the same if I update again!

Any help much appreciated.