A2SD ext


Jan 7, 2011
Does miui support installing apps on the SD ext partition? I thought it did but I'm getting low on space warnings but I have 300mb left on my ext partition, but hardly anything left on my SD card.

Is there a way I can change this?

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I dont think it supports it, although everyone keeps saying it has darktremors script preinstalled, it doesnt, at least milestone version. I installed them, but i cant find a way to mount ext partition to sd-ext, i have tried everything and couldnt make it work... sooo... bump for the answer...

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It definitely supports A2SD+ !!!! I had the same problem as you Steve - I guess.... it's the dalvik cache. You have to move the cache to sd cart as well.

Therefore start an terminal emulator and type in:
a2sd check
a2sd cachesd

Now reboot your phone and you should have more than 100 mb free space!!!
Yo its
A2sd reinstall

Boom its fixed

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This is something that should be added to the notes when the ROMS are released cos I think a lot of people have had trouble with it. Took me ages to find out about it.