Accessing Twrp Will Cause Instant Battery Drop (4-20%) Rn4


Feb 2, 2016
Hello everyone,

Been using my RN4 mtk for 2 weeks now, and the problem i'm facing is that whenever i boot to TWRP the battery will drop instantly by 4 to 20 percent depending on its charge state. If i boot TWRP with my battery fully charged (100%) it will drop to 96% and if it's 40% charged it will instantly drop to 20% left when accessing TWRP.

I tried both cofface and ZCX TWRP (i'm currently on this one) flashed via fastboot and the symptoms are the same. Now regarding the roms, so far i tried - stable 8.1.10, epicrom 7.3.9 and now i'm on multirom 7.3.16. With all of this roms the problem is exactly the same.

I'm using doze, greenify and i did the battery tweak (edit build.prop and find the line ro.mtk_perfservice_support=1 and change it to ro.mtk_perfservice_support=0 and save file), but the issue is still there with or without this settings.

Now regarding the cell standby battery drain, like others have posted before this is the highest percentage listed in battery used by hardware. The best battery life i got is around 2 days of use with allmost 5 hours SoT and 40-50 minutes talk time. I'm using sim 1 on 3G and sim 2 on 2G. On a night (8-9 hours) battery will drain 1-2% with no data/wifi/bluetooth/gps enabled or if it's set to airplane mode or 3% with data enabled and no running apps.

Right now the phone's been 14 hours on battery with 50 minutes SoT, the battery percentage is 83%. 8 hours (during nightime) there were no running apps and no data enabled and the cell standby battery usage percentege is 87% (Is this indicator even relevant?). Are this normal values?

I used to get better battery life on my previous RN3 mtk, somewhere around 3 days of usage with 5-6 SoT and 2-3 hours of talktime and the cell standby battery used to be somewhere under 10%.

LE: So i got 8 hours of SoT during 1 day 15hours of usage, most time web browsing and using 3G data and not wifi because the battery will drain faster on wifi (don't know why). But the cell standby indicator in battery used by hardware was still 60+% and the screen was only 20%. In GSam battery monitor the screen drained 60+% and the network drained 20+% of battery. I still don't get it, is the MIUI's built in battery monitor relevant or is there some bug regarding the cell standby?
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A little update on the TWRP issue.

I did the following:
1- battery is 65% -> turn off the phone
2- boot to TWRP, battery is now 58%
3- reboot system, battery is still 58%
4- turn off the phone
5- connect the charger, battery shows now 66%
6- boot to TWRP, battery is still 66%
7- reboot system, battery 66%
8- disconnect the charger

So the trick for now seems to be that i have to turn off the phone, connect the charger, boot to TWRP, reboot system and disconect the charger. This way the battery remains at the same level all the time (or will charge a bit) but no more drops. It seems to be a mismatch between the battery indicator in TWRP and the one when the phone is turned on.