Accessories to the Red Rice (Back cover?)

Jan 10, 2012
I see all these pictures around showing off the Red Rice in all types of colours but I can't seem to find these covers anywhere?
Anyone know where I can get a pink back cover for hongmi?
I have allready bought the pink condom for the phone but it would be neat if the phone itself was pink also.

Now you may wonder why I would want a pink phone?
Well it's for my daughter.
Oct 30, 2013

I have just got a new hongmi today after buying it from the xiaomi site yesterday. I could only get a grey one but wanted the red and ended up searching all over for a proper replacement back cover.

I have found some places that sell them here in China (where I am too) but none of them carry a pink case!

I think that picture shows the colours of the rubber cases that xiaomi make - I was given a choice of a few colours when I bought mine.

I have found one place that makes kinda pink battery covers but they are non oem and have square edges also it is more of a dark pink than that candy pink.

I can try to get a picture for you if you like.