New After MIUI14 update background apps / push not working correctly


May 21, 2020
I have serious issues with background apps that send local push notifications after updating to MIUI14. Server based push notifications like messages on Whatsapp are working fine.

Push notifications from apps like Google Tasks, Google Calendar or even my clock (which I use as my alarm clock) don't work correctly anymore. I keep missing my alarm clock because of this or forgetting about important tasks I have noted in the Google Tasks app.

Yes, every app has autostart enabled and energy saving settings disabled. I even locked them into the ram (by using the lock icon in the multitasking view) and still I have missed my alarm this morning because it didn't start.

Is there a fix to my problem? What else can I try?

Another user reported that this problem is fixed in a dev build but I have searched through the known issues page and could not find an entry to my problem in the list.

I would like to not factory reset my phone but if there are users who experienced the same issues and a factory reset helped I am willing to try this.
Had the same issue on the MIUI14 stable roms, but the weekly dev roms are fine so I switched to that.
Can a developer confirm and verify that this is a bug in the stable version and has been fixed in the weekly dev rom?
2+ months have passed and this issue still annoys me everyday. Is there anything new on the topic?