Album Art Question


Jul 23, 2011
Does MIUI support the Album Art provider interface?

I'm the developer of TuneAnnouncer and one of my customers, who uses MIUI, has noticed a problem where TuneAnnouncer does not show the album art using MIUI.

I'm informed that it *used* to show it, but now it doesn't. I wondering if the album-art download is not populating the database that the provider uses. Is this likely?

Here is the query I use to get the Album Art:

Cursor art = context.getContentResolver().query(
new String[] { Audio.AlbumColumns.ALBUM_ART },
" _id = '" + c.getString(2) + "'",
null, null);

Any information is appreciated.
Ok, ultra weird, after wiping every posible cache and thumbnail folder on my phone SOME songs started showing album art agan :/

others show nothing, and a few show the "tune anouncer no album art icon"