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Igor Eisberg

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Oct 6, 2016
This is a collection of frequently asked questions and our answers. It will be updated from time to time as more questions are being asked repeatedly.
If you asked any of these questions again, don't be surprised if someone redirected you here.

Are there changelogs for Stable ROMs?
No, each Stable ROM is released at different intervals. We are not tracking which changes were made on each and every Stable ROM.

I'm getting "skip copying <partition> image avb footer" warnings while flashing with Fastboot
It's just verbose output by the latest Fastboot tool. Nothing to worry about.

I'm getting "Failed to mount" errors while flashing with TWRP
If it says "script succeeded: result was [0]", then there is no problem, 0 is status code for "no error".
What's failing is the "Updating partition details" step which has nothing to do with installation, it's just an old TWRP issue.
Just reboot and ignore the "No OS installed!" message if prompted.
If you're trying to flash Magisk, reboot to recovery and flash Magisk again.

I can't update system apps from APK/Play Store/GetApps
You should never update non-Google system apps on our ROMs, or custom ROMs in general.
Otherwise, you'll lose the translations and modifications we apply to these apps.
This is also a measure to prevent you from false-reporting issues not related to our ROMs.
MIUI/HyperOS app updates that show up on Play Store cannot be hidden. Nothing we can do about it.
Also, GetApps is not part of our ROMs and you should not even have it installed.

I can't use full-screen gesture navigation with third-party launchers
It's Xiaomi's design and not a bug. You were even warned about that when you switched to a different launcher.
Full-screen gesture navigation is baked into the built-in launcher without any consideration for third-party launchers.
You may want to express your dissatisfaction directly to Xiaomi's customer support.

I can't connect my Xiaomi phone with my Xiaomi tablet
I'm guessing that you get the message: "This device's system has been tampered with. Can't connect due to security risks."
The message is self-explanatory. Your device is deemed insecure, so the connection was refused.
When you unlocked your bootloader, you were warned that doing so will make your device insecure.
Mi Trust Service (introduced in HyperOS) performs low-level checks for 3 things: bootloader unlock state, root state and SELinux mode.
The phone and the tablet exchange that information, and if either device failed any of the tests, you'll see an error message on both devices.
This is not our issue and there's nothing to be done about that.

Voice Match is not working when the screen is off
Voice Match when the screen is off is made possible using DSP hotword detection, which requires platform-specific blobs that are only available on variants of Global ROM. Without these blobs Voice Match uses generic software hotword detection instead, which doesn't work when the screen is off.
Thus, Voice Match when the screen is off will be supported on our ROM for your device only when an official Global ROM variant based on the same Android version is released for it, or another device with a compatible SoC, and as long as your device has an equivalent Global model.

Google Play services recognizes my phone as a completely different phone
It is an integral part of our workaround for Play Integrity attestation.
There's nothing we can do to avoid the incorrect device name displayed by Google Play services.

Google Play services lost SMS permission
There's a workaround for that:
Settings -> Privacy (at the bottom) -> Privacy dashboard -> See other permissions -> SMS -> (3-dot menu icon on top-right corner) -> Show system
Now look for Google Play services and set it to "Allow".

Settings app crashes when trying to select something in "Memory extension"
This issue only happens after updating from MIUI to HyperOS due to Xiaomi's changes to "Memory extension".
When the dialog that asks you to reboot shows up - cancel it, then reboot manually.
This issue won't happen again after that.

Settings app crashes when trying to access "Sound settings"
You probably had "Digital wellbeing" installed, an app that is not supported on our ROMs, and it messed up your DND ("Do Not Disturb") settings, leading to the crash. If uninstalling it doesn't help, a factory reset/data wipe will fix this, as long as you don't restore the incompatible settings from a backup.

Blur is being disabled (e.g. in notification shade) when the battery level is 20% or lower
This is a misconfiguration, probably caused by restoring settings from a Google backup that enabled AOSP battery saver features that are incompatible with MIUI/HyperOS. To disable this behavior, follow these steps:
1) Install Activity Launcher and launch it.
2) Search for "Battery Saver" and launch the result under "Settings" app.
3) Toggle off "Use Battery Saver", and change "Set a schedule" to "No schedule".

Camera and/or sensors are not working
You probably wiped the "persist" partition via TWRP. You shouldn't have done that, since it holds sensor configuration data.
You have to flash persist.img from the latest official fastboot ROM for your device to restore it.
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