An experience with Xiaomi Hongmi warranty

Feb 3, 2014
I just wanted to share a quick, mostly positive story here about my experience with Xiaomi's warranty service. So, as it happens I was traveling in China with my 1,5-month-old Xiami Hongmi, when one day suddenly during normal use the phone just died. I could only boot the phone to display the white Xiaomi logo, but nothing beyond that, no access to recovery or anything. After analyzing and troubleshooting, and even trying to access phone through SP Tools to reflash it to no avail, I came to the conclusion that repairing the phone was beyond me.

Well, luckily I happened to be in Shanghai where they have a one of the many new Xiaomi flagship stores, which also have a service station. I went there, told my problem, showed my receipt from Merimobiles and off it went to the backroom to a Xiaomi service engineer. After only about 30 minutes an employee brought back my phone saying that its mainboard was replaced – the previous one being faulty. When I asked for it they also perfectly applied a screen protector for free. :)

So this was a great and quick experience in dealing with Xiaomi after-sales, especially as I had imagined a horror scenario of having to hand out my phone for a longer time into some eternal repair process. Moreover, I was told that with the proof of the phone having been serviced once, I'd get a brand new one if the phone broke down again.

Thanks Xiaomi, not only is the phone & MIUI great but the service at the flagship store was also A+!

Of course it's not a good thing that my phone's hardware broke down, and had I been in Europe where I normally reside, it would've been a different story – going through Merimobiles for the service, sending the phone to China etc... That's why I hope that Xiaomi gets to ramp up its presence in Europe soon, would love to visit those flagship stores there as well!
Mar 19, 2014
I agree with you, i am reselling Chinese Smartphone from China and i had to use the after sales of some brand Xiaomi is by far the most professional and reliable.
I wish some brand such as jiayu, umi , number 1... can learn from Xiaomi.
Umi be ready to wait for 2 month for them to repair your default device, also be ready to be charge even your device in under warranty.

Coming from France, the pill is hard to swallow in China.