An Introduction to MIUI?


Apr 9, 2011
Hi guys

I've recently got an Android phone and have decided to Root it. A friend of mine linked me to this website and said that apparently the ROMs you make are a significant improvement on the default one (saving a lot of battery power and offering faster response times).

I've had a look around the site but can find no real "introduction" explaining what MIUI *is*, what it offers Android phones, and what it contains. Scrolling down your news section I've spotted the occasional screenshot but even they are quite limited.

Would someone please be able to offer, or point me in the direction of, an introduction to MIUI as I am presently quite clueless, but eager to understand. :)
You should do a search on Youtube for "MIUI android", sorting by newest. That would probably give you a pretty good idea about what MIUI is.

MIUI is heavily influenced from iOS and the team behind it have taken some of the best parts from that, regular android and some ideas of their own.

You should probably play around a bit with whatever ROM your phone came pre-installed with to fully appreciate MIUI when you do the switch.
There was an article on CNet a while back that summarizes things pretty well:

The article is a bit out of date. One unusual thing about MIUI is that it is not finished yet and it changes quickly, from week to week. Because of the changing nature of MIUI, it's possible that some small things may not work one week, and be fixed the next week. And then something else might not work that week.

For this reason I suggest starting out your rooting experience with a more stable ROM such as cyanogenmod. Also, their website has more resources for people who are new to rooting. Take a few days or a week or two and get familiar with CM. Make sure you have done your rooting properly and that everything on your phone works. Then try MIUI. That's what I recommend, that's what worked for me.
On this forum, I made a post called ROM Terminology Guide, but I upped it to a whole MIUI guide. You should check it out. It's under this thread I believe.