Android 10 based MIUI is finally available for Redmi 8 EEA. Is it polished and bug free?


Jul 19, 2020
So the update was available for a while if you're on Global and it just released for EEA devices. I honestly thought that they'll skip it and only release the version on EEA.
If what I'm reading is correct, it was released a while ago for China and apparently some of the Global users got it too, it it supposedly more polished and it has a few bugs patched.

Can someone who downloaded the Android 10 based MIUI and used it for a while on their Redmi 8 report how stable and polished it is? Did you encounter any bugs? Is it safe to update now or should I wait for a patch or two?

I installed it and it seems to work fine, no bugs so far and the only "issue" I found was that the Search in Settings takes a bit more time.
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Jun 3, 2020
I'm waiting for MIUI .eu release ... or if there was at least EEA version,release.
MIUI has some slowdowns after a long time sleep (apps wont open) and launcher sometimes goes erratic, replaced it.

EDIT:Fixed with new (re)release11.0.1.0 and another launcher.
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