Android Auto On Oreo


Nov 14, 2013
Anyone else having problems with running Android Auto with the 8.0 build for Note 2? Before upgrading I was able to use Android Auto in par with my Opel Astra, quite frequent disconnects, but overall usable. But since the upgrade (I did a full wipe, so started clean) it only runs the very first time, but after that the car wont recognize the phone and therefor Android Auto. You will get communication error 16.
Strangely, this is the exact behavior Oneplus users experienced with their first build of Android 8.

So I am curious if any other Note 2 users with Android 8 use Android Auto and experience issues.
I have the same problem on my Chevy Spark. I have a Max2 and there are a lot of communication problems not only with Android Auto.
Just in case you're still looking for a resolution. I've got the same issue with my Opel Astra. There is a workaround to get it work...

1. Remove Android Auto from the battery save mode.
2. Reset Android Auto via settings
3. Reject Audio permissions for AA, all other may be allowed.
Enjoy AA on your car devise.

This is just a workaround to get AA work on your car audio, because the Google assistant and voice control won't work.
But at least you can use AA.
I was recently testing a number of custom roms. I had no trouble using AA with AOKP rom. Was 100% reliable, guidance and voice control worked fine. I could not stick with that rom due to root hiding issues with a couple of apps I have to use. So back to MIUI and back to non-working Android Auto. That tells me MIUI is the problem.