Animations/overall performance sluggish and not fluid


Dec 14, 2020

I am using 20.12.10 and have been doing so since the release. I noticed that from the beginning my phone has not exactly been running smooth, or perhaps up to my expectations. It feels to me that the animations are nowhere near fluid enough (and the whole UI for that matter) and are usually choppy and lagging behind my gestures. Full screen gestures don't work with any other launcher other than the stock one, and even then they are very sluggish and frankly a bit of a burden. I also have some issues with the phone's overall performance - for example I needed to snap a quick photo today and the camera took at least 20 seconds to open and pressing the shutter button takes about 5 seconds to take the actual photo.

My questions are - is this normal and am I expecting too much from my phone (using a custom AOSP ROM was a good 5x smoother overall and I am thinking of switching again because of that), and if not, how can I fix it apart from factory reset and animation scale x0.5?

Thank you very much for your help!
Me too.
Full laggy, not smooth.
After couple hours use, just 1gb free ram!!
All this appears after update android 11