Answering calls problem on htc desire gsm


Oct 5, 2011
I updated to the latest 1.9.30 and now I can no longer answer calls as the drag to answer will not move. Is there any workaround or fix available?
I have the same problem. Not the only major bug introduced in this release. I am going to go back to 9.23.

When a call comes in, the screen turns on, then you try to drag, but the screen has gone off... then it is really difficult to get the screen to turn on again until the call has stopped ringing.
Same issue here, was getting the same problem with previous builds as well.

This combined with the delay when you answer a call has made it really frustrating getting phone calls.

Funny when you think that's what the thing was biult to do in the first place!
Hi can u tell me the procedure to install the Rom on HTC Desire i have HTC desire with official 2.3.3 Do i need to root it before installing this rom or how?? thanks