Any Chances Or Way To Enabling Encryption On


Nov 28, 2015
Is there anyway or chances to make Mi 6 encrypted in roms. Official rom has built in encrypted but its not working after installing any miui based rom including When pressing encryption on with charging its loading and loading already tried several times with 2 days+ with different version developer version.
I need to use official apps + bank apps which needs encryption method.

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Dec 19, 2017
I have the same issue. Mi 6 encryption failed several times with 3 different version of 9.1 ROMs. It starts the process and the progress bar completes but the encryption just remains stuck on that screen for hours. Annoyingly, once I force restart it declares the encryption failed and renders the phone unusable. The complete clean flashing is the only solution. However, the encryption works on MIUI9 Global stable and developers versions. I can only conclude there is an issue with ROM.

I prefer ROM otherwise. It is much cleaner and battery friendly in comparison to the official Global stable or Developer’s versions,. and would like to use it, but the encryption is a big problem.
Dec 24, 2017
I had the same issues and switched back to global beta. I don't understand how so many ppl can run this Rom when encryption is broken.

Basically everyone can unlock your phone and access your data within moments. For me this is a deal breaker.
Jun 20, 2018
You can encrypt your device by manually edit the fstab.qcom under "vendor/etc". First mount vendor in TWRP, or whatever recovery you are using. And find the /data line in fstab.qcom , change the "encryptable=ice" to "fileencryptaion=ice,quota", save and reboot. Now your whole device is encrypted. P.S. You need a recovery that supports encrypted /data partition. P.P.S. You need to do this EVERYTIME if your vendor partition modifies, i.e., when you flash a new ROM from Cheers.