Any news about Galaxy Note release?


May 27, 2012
I can see that galaxy s3 rom has been released before than the gaalxy note. Are there any problems about it?
May you tell us something about the ETA?

Not sure if this is allowed so mods please feel free to remove it and scold me .. but there is a beta version running MIUI 7.13 that is very stable not to say it doesn't have a few bugs, a few cosmetic things, some of the s-pen apps still need to be ported and there is no modded kernel for it yet and it's a slight pain to install due a the " Brick Bug" read here , but once you have the heart to go through the the flashing of it it works really well. The only thing I've really came across was the same fc on the about phone status, the theme manager is a little buggy but mainly with the fonts and this is me but have trouble with getting android commander to see it sometimes but it works fine the Miui file explorer,root explorer ect.. there are a few different ones on XDA but this one is samsung based , one is a cm9 base and forgot what the other was on..sorry . But look here and you can read about it.. remember it is a beta.My apologies to the mods if this isn't allowed. Screen shot from my N-7000.

It was released today in BETA. So that is a good chance that it'll be released on Friday.

I don't have a NOTE to test. I just adapted our scripts to handle the new ROM.