Anyone having problems with N1's internal mic?


Dec 8, 2010
Many times the person on the other side of the call cannot hear my voice and neither does the sound recorder app registers any sound. The mic then automatically starts working after 1-2 reboots.

So just wanted to confirm if it's only my phone or could it be some MIUI's kernal/driver's fault?
I also have the problem same as you. Other side cannot hear me. After several times of rebooting, other side can hear mine. My one is N1/LCD.
I have problems with that too sometimes. Do you guys use DSPManager? I think it may have something to do with that but I'm not sure.
I also thought DSPMAnager had made problems, but even I deleted it, happens again again again...T.T
I also thought DSPMAnager had made problems, but even I deleted it, happens again again again...T.T
Well to be more exact I thought the was the problem since you need a modded version of this file to use DSPManager. Even if you uninstall DSPManager you still have the modded .so-file.

I've never used DSPMAnager.
But since you haven't even used DSPManager I guess that's not the problem then.
May be it's deodexed version problem?
Didnt notice any issue on odexed chinese 12.24, except incredible lags of global search/tasks menu
This used to happen to me quite often (around the time MIUI became public). A couple of reboots or reflash would fix it. I happens much less often now, and when it does, 1 reboot fixes the problem for me. Funny, I never mentioned it because I thought I was the only one. ;)
It just happen to me I thought my phone was broken. Called HTC when was on hold I rebooted and it worked. I thought I needed a Replacement phone

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It has happened to me a few times. Now I open the tricorder app after every flash or reboot to check if the mic is working.

Usually a reboot fixes it.
In my case one reboot fixes the problem, but I think that we need to report this bug to the MIui dev.

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I fixed it. I've never had that problem since I changed the kernel.
I think original miui kernel has some problems.
u can use pershoot or wildmonks but i prefeer last one, now i´m using wildmonks AVS-BFS kernel and works great