[App] UC Browser, another amazing Browser replacement from China


Nov 8, 2010
There are quite a few Miren/MIUI browser threads, so forgive me if you are following more than one and seeing multiple posts from me. I just thought I'd share this alternative with people interested in unique mobile browser experiences.

If you have read any of my posts here or at the XDA forums, you'll know that I am pretty high on the Miren browser. I think they did a stand up job creating this thing and it will only get better. Up until yesterday, I felt like this was the best mobile browser I had used. Then I discovered the UC Mobile Browser. Now, I will be ditching DolphinHD and Opera and keeping Miren and UC. The biggest advantage of UC over Miren is that it is already professionally and thoroughly translated into multiple languages and supports hundreds of different handsets/mobile OSes.

Check out my post here on UC. It is worth a look. Options drive competition which drives development! :)