May 21, 2011
i had flashed the latest miui rom 1.5.20 and i have ext3 on my sd card and i wonder how to move app to sd
i tried to type on terminal
a2sd reinstall

and i got return
a2sd: not found

any help please...
You need to install dark tremors a2SD zip. You can find it floating around in several forums..

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Any luck with this? I was told 1.5.20 doesn't support a2ext but you can move the dalvik cache to the ext, leaving room on the internal for lots of apps. This is on the HTC Desire anyway...but the commands are:

a2sd reinstall

After running the command the phone will reboot. After the reboot open terminal emulator and run the following command:

a2sd cachesd

The phone will reboot again and apps2sd will be available.

thx man
i'll give it a try...
thx guys!

work like a charm. there is nice app called a2sdgui can find at the market (free). you dont need to run terminal, everything is in there.
u should give it a try.