Ensuring Full Gallery Sync Download + New Cloud Transfer


Aug 4, 2022
Hello Xiaomi Community,

I’ve been using a custom ROM on my Xiaomi device, and my gallery has been continuously syncing with Xiaomi Cloud. Recently, Xiaomi announced the termination of their gallery synchronization service, advising users to download their entire gallery and consider uploading to a new cloud service, such as Google Photos.

Here’s my situation:

1. *Continuous Synchronization*:
Despite the announcement, my gallery has continued to sync with Xiaomi Cloud without any interruptions.

2. *Recent Upgrade Issue*
After upgrading to the latest weekly OS, my gallery synchronization was removed, resulting in the loss of all my gallery data. I had to downgrade to version 24.3.18 to restore my gallery.

3. *Current Status*:
Now, my gallery is fully restored and syncing again. My concern is understanding when Xiaomi will finally terminate the gallery sync service and ensuring that I can securely back up my entire gallery.

*My Questions:*

1. *Termination Timeline*:
Does anyone know the exact date or timeframe for the termination of Xiaomi Cloud’s gallery synchronization?

2. *Full Data Download*

- How can I ensure that I download every single photo and video at full resolution (not just previews or thumbnails) from Xiaomi Cloud to my phone ?

- I have a phone with 1TB capacity, and my gallery is approximately 700GB.

3. *Transition to Google Photos*

- Once I have all the full-sized photos and videos downloaded to my phone, what’s the best method to upload this entire gallery to Google Photos?

**Steps I’ve Taken and Plan to Follow**:

1. *Verify Full Download*

- I plan to use the Xiaomi Cloud website or app to download my entire gallery. Any tips on settings or steps to ensure full-resolution downloads would be greatly appreciated.

2. *Preparing for Transfer*

- After confirming the full download, I’ll use Google Photos to upload the entire gallery. If there are efficient methods or tools to handle large uploads (700GB), please share your recommendations.

*Additional Concerns*

- I intend to upgrade to the new Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra. I know that the last weekly OS versions no longer support gallery sync. Any insights on how to manage gallery data with the new device and OS would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Your advice and tips will be invaluable as I navigate this transition.

Best regards.