New Apps killed even when whitelisted / Weekly 21.11.3


Apr 29, 2014
I recently updated my K30 Pro to 21.11.3
This update causes apps to be killed even when they are whitelisted from the battery-saver. Even locking them in the tasklist does not help.
The behavior I notice is that during the night (when the phone isn't used for a long time)
- the alarm app is killed, so the alarm won't go off in the morning
- tasker is killed, causing all of my automations to fail
- the keyboard is reset from Swiftkey to the default keyboard

Especially the alarm is frustrating, I have overslept for a couple of days now. The rest is more of an inconvenience but not having an alarm clock isvery bad.

Things I have tried
- check the settings of the battery saver for these apps. They are on "No restriction
- Lock these apps in the tasklist
- Wipe dalvik/cache
- Clear data of Security app

Any ideas how to fix this, since this is the last weekly for my K30 Pro?