Invalid Redmi Note 9 Pro EU - GPS turning off when app in the background


Nov 29, 2022

ROM version: 14.0.3.SJZMIXM Stable
Phone: Redmi Note 9 Pro EU

i am having an issue. GPS is instantly and automatically turned off when app using GPS is pushed into the background. Happening on all apps (Google Maps, Strava, etc...).

Apps have autostart enabled. Permission for get location info is set to "always allow". Show on lock screen is set to "always allow". Display pop-up windows while running in the background is set to "always allow". Battery saver is set to "no restricitons".

Tried browsing the inernet for simmilar issues but nothing has really helped (nearly all of them was for official ROM) me so i came here. Tried various things found on the internet (settings in phone) but none of them has worked.

What could be the issue. I am happy to provide more specific details when needed. Info i have provided is all i have tought (and possibly found) might help find the issue.
Thanks in advance.


Noticed strange behaviour. When google maps is navigating both GPS icon in the top right corner is there and blue privacy icon is on the left corner. But when running different app that tracks position only the blue privacy icon is visible. Why?
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