Arabic support for miui 1.4.15 DHD

Discussion in 'Arabic Translation' started by brsteeg, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. brsteeg

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    is there any support for DHD 1.4.15 ?
    That for Arabic reading ? i mean join text and RTL ?

    i found here patch for 1.4.1 put not working ..
    if work with 1.4.1 ROM can you provide a download link for 1.4.1 ROM DHD

    Please :(
    its best rom i try it .. but i can not use it without arabic support
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    They Chinese devs changed the strings that the RTLS uses to join the Arabic text. So the Rtl dev is trying to get the Chinese devs to implement it in the source that way we wont have to flash it every week.
    As of right now, there is no fix.

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  3. brsteeg

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    so ? i have to wait

    i will use cyanogen mod now : (

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