Are Repair Shops In The Uk Capable Of Replacing A Screen & Digitizer ?

Jul 13, 2015

After falling on the road my Mi4's screen is broken and touchsreen doesn't repond anymore. I plan to buy this kit: And then to go to a repair shop with it and ask them to make the replacement.


1) Since Xiaomi is mostly unknown in the UK, can repair shops still make such replacement if provided with the right components?

2) Are all Mi4 screen/digitizers equal, or does quality vary? Is it possible, for instance, that the one I linked could be less good than my original (broken) one?

3) Same question with housing: Same quality as original?
May 28, 2015
Repair shops should be competent definitely, I had my screen replaced and they told me it was very simple to replace even though they never had Xiaomi phone in repair shop. Mi4 is very well designed and it is really simple to fix it, if you have some knowledge and tools you could do it yourself just check tutorials on youtube. Make sure you get the screen adhesive, I didn't and my screen was fixed with the tape and that is not the prettiest solution (or mine wasn't done as it should) as you can see little bit of tape on the side. Regarding screen quality, I bought my screen on Aliexpress for around 50$ and it is good, only thing bad is that bottom left button is lighting weaker than the other too. I'm not sure is it because screen is of lesser quality or because I can see the tape I mentioned near the button so there could be some light leakage. If you do change it, please report back how's the screen quality.