Xiaomi Mi2s With Broken Screen And Accesories For Sale (69$) Huge Deal

Jan 31, 2016
So, today i dropped my mi2s and most of the screen is cracked and not working.
I decided to sell my mi2s for replacent parts to someone else who need it.

I sell the whole device with one black case(not very good condition),
1)one blue xiaomi original cover,
2)the white cover that came from,
3)an original travel charger(with eu adapter),
4)original xiaomi headphones,
5)a tempered glass,
6)an usb otg cable
7)the papers that came with the phone(warranty,how to use etc)
8)the original battery

You can use it as spare parts and keep the accessories.
You can also buy a screen here: http://dragon-tt.com/xx.aspx?id=696 and replace it by yourself if you can.
There is a thread in this forum about screen replacements for mi2s and where to buy,this seller is trusted.
I dont want to bother with changing screens and such thats why i sell my phone,i will probably buy another one by xiaomi.

The starting price is 109 usd 99 USD 75 usd NOW 69$ for all the above if you want only the device or something else seperate just ask.
I have another device the Legacy zte blade with 4.4 which is working perfectly except the antenna(you can use it as an mp3 player or somethiing like this,or buy an antenna and change it),i can include that phone too.

Feel free to ask anything by replying to this thread or sending a pm,i will be glad to hear you even if you dont want the device.

I will upload pictures tomorrow, and video if you request.
here are some pictures(sorry for the potato quality)
https://FORBIDDEN LINKING/file/d/0B4_WfeM0r0dJRVl5UDFSanZmeFE/view?usp=sharing https://FORBIDDEN LINKING/file/d/0B4_WfeM0r0dJcGVqcG5YQnhfMk0/view?usp=sharing
https://FORBIDDEN LINKING/folderview?id=0B4_WfeM0r0dJbl9fRU1hakIySTQ&usp=sharing
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Feb 22, 2012
no thanks, I think you're price and my best offer is too far apart.

success with the sale!

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