New Audio Problems during calls

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by mornaistar, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Yesterday I've updated my Galaxy S3 to the latest version 4.2.7, everything works fine except the calls.

    When i call someone , the audio from the call is distorted (like a robot talking + extra noises).

    Not sure what i can do to fix this.

    Everything was working flawlessly on the previous version.

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  2. Doing some tests on it now and i realized this only happens when i do the calls, if i receive a call the audio works as it should.
  3. And after a few more tests and reading all over the internet on forums i found out that the problem is caused by being in 3G , so if i switch to 2G everything works
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    It's an old Samsung base bug. You can try to use MIUI for SGS3 based on 4.2 aosp.

    Wysłane z mojego MI 3W

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